Halloween at home with Fidere: ideas for a day of chills and fun

This year make Halloween a fun-filled evening at your home with the best creative ideas for making the most out of this magical day — from decoration to recipes and plans for a night brimming with fun and frights.

  • Creepy decoration

Make your home a haunted house with eerie decorations. String up fake spider webs, skeletons and candlelit pumpkins at your home’s entrance and in the sitting room to conjure up an atmosphere of terror and mystery.

  • Halloween handiwork

Gather your children together to engage in Halloween crafts. They can make monster masks, decorative pumpkins or even make your own scarecrow in the garden.

  • Night of horror films

Put together a selection of horror movies for a night of at-home fear. Turn off the lights, bring out the popcorn and enjoy some classics of this film genre. A recommendation? “The Shining” is perfect for riveting suspense.

In addition to films, you can binge on Halloween series —”Stranger Things” or “American Horror Story” are the perfect choice for a night of hair-tingling entertainment.

  • Halloween games

Organise Halloween games for the entire family. You can do a treasure hunt with mysterious clues or trick or treat at home by hiding sweets in different spots around the house.

Another option that we surely enjoy is organising a night of horror stories. Turn off the lights and sit together with candles to conjure an eerie atmosphere while you start narrating the most terrifying tales.

  • Halloween recipes

Cook up Halloween delights at home. Try making cookies with ghostly shapes, spider cupcakes or even a spooky blood punch to add a distinct culinary touch to the day.

  • Creative disguises

Don’t forget the costumes! Organise a costume contest at home or just dress up in your favourite Halloween outfit to get into the festive mood.

In Fidere, we are mindful of the importance of creating home memories. Our homes provide the ideal areas and comfort for celebrating special times such as Halloween at home. We hope these ideas inspire you to enjoy this holiday to the utmost without having to leave home. Happy Halloween!


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