At Fidere we give you the tips you need to get the best out of your storeroom.

Having a storeroom is undoubtedly a great luxury, but untidiness can become a headache at times.

Mistakes such as not making the most of the available space or storing unnecessary objects make the task of organising a storeroom more difficult. Don’t worry! At Fidere we know our houses and also their storerooms and today we are going to give you some bits of advice for organising your storeroom in the most efficient way.

The storeroom as “a big warehouse”

We all like to keep keepsakes, souvenirs, special objects, gifts and so on. But in most cases 50% of them can be dispensed with and have no worth for us.

Bicycles, scooters, Christmas decorations. How much of all this do you still use?

The first big mistake of organisation is usually to want to tidy up everything we have all at once. Not a good idea. First of all, it is essential to throw away all those objects we have no use for.

We recommend beginning this process of intensive organisation by throwing away all those objects we stopped using a long time ago and that may be cluttering up the storeroom.

Do you need more space?

Then we have the solution. Our homes in Castilla y León 8, St. in Boadilla del Monte have large storerooms of varying sizes that are ideal for the needs of each owner.

How to organise the storeroom?

One of the basic rules for organising a storeroom and indeed any space in our home is to bear in mind that less is more. Having a dedicated storage space doesn’t mean it has to be filled to the brim.

Keep as little as possible and make sure they are things you use from time to time. This will prevent your storage space from becoming cluttered up with things that are not needed in the house. How to go about it? There are several organisation methods that you will find in our blog, such as the Kaizen method, also perfect for tidying up spaces like this.

Classify the contents

Consider what you need to have close at hand and what you can store in less accessible places. Place heavy objects on the floor and things that are used more frequently at hand and eye level.

Label boxes and shelves

Both if you are going to store things in boxes or place them on shelves, labelling everything will save you a lot of time when it comes to finding things.

Use labels, photos, post-its, marker pens. Whatever you use make sure to mark everything so you can find things easily without having to open boxes and empty their contents.

Carry out revisions

Review what you have stored on a regular basis, keeping only what is useful or has economic and sentimental value. Also, we recommend setting aside a day to do this calmly and so as to be able to finish.

Keep the space clean

It is essential to keep the storeroom clean and free of damp and insects.

What materials to use?

Functionality and safety are more important than aesthetics in this case. A storeroom is not a place that should be decorated or “pretty” like the other rooms of the house. Its function is to be useful, comfortable and resistant. Look for shelving units that can support weight and can be firmly anchored.

As we have said, filling the storeroom to its maximum capacity is usually the preferred option in all homes, but in the long run this technique is of little use. What are the best elements for maintaining a good organisation?

Modular and anchored shelving units

This kind of structure ensures good stacking and weight bearing, the height is adjustable and the shelves enable space to be optimised as much as possible.


Modular cabinets also make the most of space in a very practical way and look good.

They can be made of metal, the most usual and durable, or of wood, a material that resists the damp better and is more pleasing to the eye.

Transparent boxes

Being able to see the contents of a box is another way of making it easier to find the objects we need. But they must be hermetically sealed so as not to allow the damp in.

Our flats in Francisco Pi y Margall Av. in Sanchinarro have storerooms with the best anti-damp treatment, so your belongings can be preserved in the best possible conditions.

Unleash your imagination

Personal taste, preferences and imagination are the key to obtaining the best results when decorating and organising. What’s more, with our tips we are sure you will manage to have an organised and highly functional storeroom.

If reading about the advantages and possibilities of a storeroom has made you want to have one of your own, don’t worry! Among our selection of homes you will find different options with storerooms and storage spaces so you can store all kinds of objects according to your needs. Contact us without obligation at

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