Christmas is in the air and now is the time to think about the decorations and creating your own Christmas centrepieces.

Elaborate, simple, artificial, natural, with flowers, with candles…there is an endless range of options with which to decorate the table this Christmas. Today we have various suggestions to suit all tastes that will act as an inspiration and become the centre of attention.

Christmas centrepieces have become a must for festive tables. They are an increasingly popular decoration on all tables as their infinite possibilities and combinations serve to create a festive and caring mood.

Whether you love decorations and making things with your own hands and want to create your own Christmas centrepiece from scratch, or if what you want is to collect ideas and inspiration, don’t miss these ideas we have brought together for you.

A word of advice, before getting down to brass tacks, bear in mind that Christmas centrepieces require a certain amount of care and tools for their creation and maintenance.

Christmas centrepieces: ideas that will become the protagonists of your meals.

  • The light in the centre

These are some of the most popular and striking centrepieces. Their principal element is candles. The light they give off and the possibilities in terms of shape and size they offer allow the creation of endless options, combining them with other objects such as holly, pine or baubles.

  • With wood

Christmas centrepieces made of wood are a traditional, rustic and cosy Christmas decoration. Place the elements on a wooden tray or among small branches to create a homely centrepiece.

Also, if you include features such as pine cones you will achieve a classic centrepiece in true Christmas style.

  • Don’t forget the sparkle!

If there is a finishing touch characteristic of Christmas that is glitter. To give your table an elegant and brilliant touch you can use serving dishes in golden and silver tones and decorations in similar tones. As a finishing touch for this decoration you can use adhesive tape covered in glitter that will help you to make features such as flowers or candles sparkle.

  • Natural centrepieces

If you want something natural and original, with a rustic touch that breathes nature, you only need to use elements from nature itself. Tree branches, eucalyptus leaves, holly, cinnamon, nuts, etc. are ideal for creating a centrepiece with green and brown as the main colours.

Extra tip: Use tree bark or pieces of dry tree trunk as a tray to place the decorations on.

How to make sure your choice of centrepiece is a triumph?

To be a true success, a Christmas centrepiece must have the right size for where it is to be located. Whether it is on the dining room table, among the diners or on an auxiliary table, it should have the optimum size, neither too big nor too small.

These small tips and features will allow you to set trends with your decoration, converting Christmas centrepieces in the perfect unique touch of your lunches and dinners and making you the perfect host. Because we know there is no better place to celebrate Christmas than at home we have a large selection of houses and flats available for rent, among which you are sure to find the perfect home in which to celebrate Christmas and all festivities.

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