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    We want to help you deal with the situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis


    As a result of the COVID-19 health crisis, the government approved Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, of March 31, that implements urgent additional social and economic measures (hereinafter, “RDL 11/2020”), and that has been recently modified by Royal Decree-Law 16/2021, of August 3, that implements social protection measures to deal with situations of social and financial vulnerability. The measures envisaged in this Royal Decree include the regulations governing the rent payment moratorium for tenants in financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis.

    Information in this respect is provided below:


    Who can benefit from the moratorium?

    i. Arrendatarios trabajadores por cuenta ajena (asalariados) que pasen a estar en situación de desempleo, afectos por un Expediente Temporal de Regulación de Empleo (ERTE), o hayan reducido su jornada laboral por motivo de cuidados; y/o
    ii. Arrendatarios empresarios o profesionales que experimenten una pérdida sustancial de ingresos;

    Siempre que se acrediten las siguientes circunstancias:

    i. The loss of employment, inclusion in a furlough scheme, reduction of working hours to care for someone else or a substantial loss of income as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.
    ii. That the rent payments to be covered by the moratorium correspond to a lease on an habitual residence.
    iii. That the total monthly income of the family unit* does not exceed 3 times the monthly Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income (“IPREM”) (€1,613.52). This amount can be increased in the case of dependent children or persons over 65 years of age, or members of the family unit with a mental illness or disability of over 33% or in a situation of dependence or illness that makes them permanently incapable of working.
    iv. That the monthly rental payment, plus basic expenses and utilities** associated with the property, is higher or equal to 35% of the total net income of the family unit.
    v. That neither the tenant nor any of the persons that comprise the family unit that live in the property are owners or usufructuaries of any available property in Spain. These circumstances shall not be deemed to occur when, despite having ownership or usufruct of a property, this is not available to the person concerned for reasons beyond their control (for example: not having use because only part of the property is available, or due to separation or divorce, or not having access due to the disability of the owner or one of the persons that comprise the residential unit).

    * Family unit: this comprises the person who owes the rent, their spouse or common-law partner who is not legally separated and the children, regardless of their age, who live in the property, including those associated by a relationship of tutorship, guardianship or fostering and their spouse or common-law partner who is not legally separated who live in the property.

    ** Basic expenses and utilities: the cost of supplies of electricity, gas, heating oil, running water, fixed and mobile telecommunication services, and possible contributions to the community of owners, that the tenant is required to pay for their habitual residence.

    What is the deadline for applying for the moratorium?

    The application for a rent moratorium may be made until October 31 2021.

    What kind of moratorium do we offer?

    The company will analyse the specific situation of each person requesting a moratorium and that of their family unit and the impact that the state of alarm has had on their personal and work circumstances, in order to make a proposal suited to their situation within the various possibilities offered by RDL 11/2020.

    What documents need to be provided?

    i. In the case of a legal situation of unemployment, a certificate issued by the relevant entity showing the monthly amount received in respect of unemployment benefits or subsidies.

    This document can be found in the Sede Electrónica del Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal: https://sede.sepe.gob.es.

    ii. In the case of the cessation of business of self-employed workers, a certificate issued by the Agencia Estatal de la Administración Tributaria (or the relevant body of the autonomous region) regarding the basis for the statement of cessation of business made by the interested party.

    This certificate may be found on the website of the AEAT or on that of the relevant body of the autonomous region: www.agenciatributaria.es

    iii. Family Book or document substantiating a common-law couple.

    Alternatively, instead of these documents, a copy of an income tax statement in which the members of the family unit figure may be provided.

    iv. Municipal registration certificate for the registered persons in the property, in force at the time of the application and in the preceding six months.

    This certificate can be obtained from your local town hall, in the majority of cases online or by phone.

    Alternatively, instead of this certificate, you can provide a copy of bank invoices for the property’s utilities in which your name and address figure or a copy of your income tax statement in which your address for tax purposes figures.

    v. Statement of disability, of dependence or of permanent incapacity to work.

    vi. Property ownership: a simple note from the indices service of the Property Register for all members of the family unit.

    To find out how to request the document, go to the website provided by the Property Register for this purpose: https://www.registradores.org/lista-de-correos-electronicos-de-los-registros-de-la-propiedad.

    vii. A statement of compliance made by the tenant regarding their compliance with the conditions required to consider them to be without sufficient financial resources according to RDL 11/2020.

    Click here to download the statement of compliance form.

    How long will we take to reply to your application?

    Once we have received your application for a moratorium together with the necessary documents, we will give you a reasoned reply within a maximum period of 7 business days.

    Are there consequences for an undue request and application for a moratorium by a tenant?

    Yes. According to article 7 of RDL 11/2020, any person or persons who benefit from a rent moratorium and/or public aid without meeting the necessary requirements shall be responsible for the damages caused and for all the expenses incurred in the application of these exceptional measures without prejudice to other kinds of responsibility that their conduct may give rise to.

    What help does the state offer?

    The government has implemented a programme of state guarantees in respect of bank financing for paying rent on a home that will cover a maximum of six months’ rent. The repayment period will be for up to six years, that can be extended by another four in exceptional circumstances with the applicant not being charged any expenses or interest.

    In addition, the government has prepared a programme of aid to help minimise the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on the rental payments on a habitual residence.

    As soon as the scope and terms and conditions of these programmes are known, we will update the information available on this website and place ourselves at your disposal to help you in applying for this aid.

    COVID 19 Calculate your aid

    To apply for the moratorium please fill in the following form

      * campos obligatorios

      Sube aquí el resumen en pdf descargado de la Calculadora de ayudas

      Cuelga aquí la documentación que se debe aportar (tamaño máximo por fichero 2MB)

      Acepto las condiciones de tratamiento de datos de carácter personal

      El envío del formulario, dependiendo de la cantidad y peso de los ficheros adjuntos, puede llevar cierto tiempo. Por favor, emplee una conexión a internet estable preferiblemente (local o wifi)



      Who is responsible for processing your data?
      The owner of the property identified in the lease.
      Contact details of the Data Protection Delegate dpo@fidere.es

      Who is the main recipient of the communication of your data?
      Testa Home S.L

      as the party responsible for processing the owner of the property for the management of your application.
      C.I.F.: B88544267
      Postal address: Paseo Castellana 257, planta 2, 28046, Madrid
      In Addiction, your data may be communicated to public authorities and bodies in order to comply with a legal obligation, and to providers of services and to third parties as necessary for the management and execution of your application.

      What are the main purposes of the processing of your data?
      your personal data and that of the members of your family unit will be processed with the aim of:
      (i) processing your application for a moratorium on rent payment as stipulated in Royal Decree-law 11/2020, of March 31, that implements urgent additional measures in the financial and social areas to deal with the COVID-19 crisis,
      (ii) complying with those legal obligations required of the party responsible for the data processing and
      (iii) maintaining and overseeing the contractual relationship with the party responsible for the data processing.

      How long will we keep your data?
      The data provided will be processed during the management of your application and will be conserved for the duration of the contractual relationship. When this has ended, the data will be blocked until their definitive cancellation, once actions arising from the processing have prescribed and the legal periods for conservation of the data have expired.

      What is the legitimation for the processing of your data?
      The basis for the legitimation of the processing of the personal data you provide us with is: (i) Royal Decree-law 11/2020, of March 31, that implements urgent additional measures in the financial and social areas to deal with the COVID-19 crisis; (ii) your application for a moratorium as stipulated by said legislation and (iii) the contractual execution.

      What are your rights when you provide us with your data?
      You have the right to exercise your rights of access, correction, disagreement, deletion, limitation and portability, in accordance with the legislation.

      To exercise your rights, you should write to Testa Home S.L indicating your given name, family name and address, accompanied by a copy of your official ID. You can also send an e-mail to dpo@fidere.es

      The interested party is hereby informed of the right that assists them to file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

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