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    What is Fidere?

    We are property managers and genuine rental enthusiasts. We work with our own rental properties, generally in buildings that are fully owned by Testa Residencial or in which the company has a majority share of the ownership.

    Are pets allowed?

    As a general rule, we do allow pets in our properties. However, we also need to obey the rules of each residents’ association and it is possible that some many prohibit pets or specific types of animal. When you visit a flat don’t hesitate to ask the area sales agent about the specific rules stipulated by that residents’ association.

    Who pays for registering utilities connections?

    Tenants are free to choose the utilities companies they prefer and so can pay and manage their bills themselves. Tenants are responsible for paying for registering utilities connections. Testa Residencial will provide you with the utilities connection points documents as indicated by the Spanish rental law published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE).

    How much is the deposit?

    As stipulated by Spanish rental law, the amount of the deposit is one month’s rent.

    Additional guarantees

    In some cases, depending on the building, one or several months’ rent will be requested as an additional guarantee to the deposit.

    What is a scoring?

    The scoring is an automatic evaluation system used to decide, among other things, if a rental is feasible or not. Based on all the information available in the database and all the data submitted by the potential tenant, the scoring indicates the viability of this person for making the rental payments. This method provides a consistent and objective evaluation as it assesses everybody in the same way, avoiding subjective criteria.

    As part of the scoring, Testa Residencial, ascertains that the potential tenant is not on ASNEF’s defaulter list.

    What documents do I need to rent?

    This depends on the property or building. Testa Residencial has: (1) social rented properties, (2) social rented properties with a purchase option and (3) properties not subject to rent control. The area sales agent will inform you of the necessary documents in each case.

    I want to rent a flat I have seen on the website, what should I do?

    The first and best thing to do is to call us on 912 913 007 so we can help you in the most individual and quickest way possible. Once the first contact has been made, the area sales agent will call you to arrange a time for your visit and from then on will help you through the process until you find yourself in your new home.

    What are Premium properties?

    These are Testa Residencial’s most special properties. They are newly refurbished luxury properties with totally new kitchens (with premium brand household appliances) and new or refurbished bathrooms. These properties are specially indicated on our website.

    Which initial repairs are included in the lease?

    Everything in the property will be ready for use from the first day. In addition, the property will have been recently painted.

    Are all the flats handed over unfurnished?

    That is correct. The properties are handed over unfurnished so tenants can decorate them as they wish. Some kitchens are equipped with all household appliances and some properties may have fitted furniture that must be maintained.

    What are the advantages to renting with Testa Residencial?

    Visit our properties, we will win you over. They are new or nearly new, having been checked and repaired with great attention to detail. Moreover, they are located in well-connected neighbourhoods with the underground and bus routes nearby. The vast majority include a storage room and parking space and many have large communal areas, children’s play areas and swimming pools. In many cases with NO agency fees.

    Is there a minimum rental period?

    Our leases are usually for one year, with a minimum of 6 months’ occupation, as we work with long-term rentals.

    I haven’t found any flats in the area in which I am searching…

    We have a large stock of available properties which is updated weekly on our website or call us on 912 913 007
    We hope to find your perfect home soon!

    Do you have holiday lets?

    No, at present we only offer long-term leases.

    What is the duration of the lease?

    In general, we use the standard lease of up to 7 years as stipulated by Spanish Rental Law: an initial year with the possibility of a further 6-year extension. Social rented properties with a purchase option have different regulatory lease durations. The area sales agent will inform you in each case of the duration of the lease if this is different to the usual, of up to 7 years.

    What solvency criteria do Testa Residencial require?

    To rent a property with Testa Residencial, the total rent must not exceed 40% of the monthly net income of the lease signatory(ies).

    Return of the deposit

    As a general rule, the deposit will be returned to the tenant within a maximum period of one month. If this is not the case, the tenant may request the legally accrued interest for the time elapsed until the return of the deposit.

    How do I deal with an incident in the property?

    We are available to resolve any incidents that may occur in the property. The most effective and quickest way to manage incidents is in the «MAINTENANCE REQUESTS» section of our Tenant Portal

    For renting, when is your telephone help line open?

    You can call us on our free help line 912 913 007 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 – 21:00 or send us a contact form.

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    A good match!

    This apartment is a perfect fit.

    Call us on +34 91 291 30 07 to book a viewing.